Customer Spotlight by Dan Balch

Dan Balch |

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As a renowned mortgage broker in London, ON, I pride myself on providing professional mortgage services. Over the last several years, my success has been driven by happy clients, who have given me referrals and written positive reviews about my services. While quality is something that runs through my veins, so does gratitude.

Through this post, I want to highlight a couple that has assisted in building my successful reputation and portfolio by helping me with multiple referrals. I do not want to reveal the name of this client, but for namesake, let’s call them Mr. and Mrs. Client. They have been my clients for over a year, and they were referred by a long-term client.

Over a year ago, they came to me to get a mortgage. Unfortunately, their credit was not strong enough to obtain a mortgage. We sat down, discussed our options, and then I put a plan together to increase their credit score. A year later, their credit was excellent, and they could successfully move into a new home. 

I greatly admire the fact that they were determined to stick to the plan we put together and achieve their goal of homeownership. I am continuously driven to help as many people as possible fulfill their homeownership dream, and it gives me abundant joy when I find out that my clients purchased the home of their choice. 

I sincerely appreciate customers such as Mr. and Mrs. Client as they prove that reaching out to a small business owner has its benefits and is delighted with my approach and standard of work. My focus is on ensuring that my customers are completely satisfied with the services they receive.

Mr. and Mrs. Client have invariably helped my business grow based on “word of mouth.” Without them and other clients like them, I would not be in business. They have helped me attract more customers, and in doing so, they have assisted me in growing my business.

As a small business owner, I prioritize customer service and high-quality work. The next time you’re looking for a mortgage broker offering the best mortgage solutions across London, Woodstock, ON, get in touch with Dan Balch by clicking here or visit my website