How Bob Ord, Don Stoddart, And Peter Mejthenyi Had An Influence On Dan Balch’s Success

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As a renowned mortgage broker in London, ON, Dan Balch at Mortgage Architects has been providing affordable mortgage services to clients across London, Woodstock, St. Thomas, ON.

Mortgage Architects is a Canadian Mortgage Brokerage led by a seasoned management team and supported by a network of experienced and caring mortgage brokers who have access to over fifty banks and lending institutions. Mortgage Architects have remained as a dominant national brokerage. Locally in Dan’s office, he can recall three people who had a big part in his success  - Bob Ord, Don Stoddart, and Peter Mejthenyi. All three of them are highly accomplished and well-respected, but for different reasons.

Bob Ord was a pioneer in the formation of a mortgage company and compensation models for mortgage brokers. His vision created a number of companies that were broker centered and really propelled Dan’s journey as a Mortgage Broker. Being such a visionary when it came time to leave his current company and move to a new company called Mortgage Architects which at the time was run by Bob Ord, it was a simple and quick decision to follow Bob. Don Stoddart was a broker with Dan’s company who he respected for his vision in setting up the model office structure. Much of his vision has been adopted in Dan’s current office structure to this day. Peter Majthenyi was another broker in the company who Dan had an opportunity to have dinner with one night at a lender think tank. Not knowing at that time who Peter was, he was very impressed with the way he did business, the balance he obtained between work and family, and his willingness to share his processes of how to do the business. It wasn’t until three months later at an awards night that Dan found out that he was sitting with greatness that night with Peter being the #1 broker in the company and in the province at that time! Dan has gained a wealth of knowledge from each of them, and in turn, they have made him a better mortgage broker and businessman. 

If you’re looking for professional mortgage services across London, Woodstock, St. Thomas, Ontario, that put customers first and strive for client satisfaction, reach out to Dan Balch at Mortgage Architects. I have been helping clients achieve their homeownership goals for the past twenty-one years. Clients can count on me to provide them with not just an affordable mortgage deal but also the best experience. My services include mortgage refinancing, mortgage renewals or transfers, and also offer a mortgage calculator. 

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